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Language courses/Outline

Nowadays, the need to be able to use foreign languages – and especially English – is omnipresent. YourLanguageCourses teach foreign language communication and useful skills, suited to the levels suggested by the Council of Europe: from A1 to C2. cd

The structure and length of YourLanguageCourses reflects the needs of clients of different ages, and of various language skills. Our learners may choose to continue learning for many years, achieving higher and higher language competence, or select only one particular stage (we call them “modules”) that they need at a certain time for a certain reason (Self Assessment).

The classes are based on practical communication and foreign language conversation. The syllabuses, materials and teaching aids are suited to the individual needs and interests of our customers. Throughout the course, our instructors assess the individual progress of our learners, give professional advice, motivate and encourage the learning process. To maximise the effects of learning, and to meet the expectations of many of our customers, we have also incorporated elements of the Callan Method into the range of methods used at our school.

We offer group and individual courses, as well as special courses designed in line with our corporate customers’ requests. For homogeneous groups, apart from developing practical everyday usage skills, we also teach the use of a foreign language in various professional situations.

Among YourLanguageCourses there are forms that are short-termed and strictly task-defined, to name: Matura Preparation Practice, Examination Techniques Practice, and One-to-One Lessons.

YourLanguageCourses account for the needs of our youngest learners; we teach - through games and playing - children from the age of three, who cannot read or write yet. Many of our customers are primary school children, aged 7-12. Such courses are aimed at systematic language teaching and development of natural conversational language skills. In our curriculum and teaching methodology, we take into account the specifics of child creativity, vigour and limited concentration times, thus combining learning with playing. Keeping the size of groups to the minimum, we care for the individual needs of our juvenile learners who represent varied levels of language competence.

The offer of YourLanguageCourses includes the following languages: English, German, Russian, Italian, French, Spanish, Norwegian, Swedish and Chinese.

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